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    His contribution went a long way in providing impetus to the age of learning and spread of education in masses. Gutenberg improved the process of printing by introducing mass-producing movable type and use of oil based ink for printing of books. Early Life : Gutenberg was born in in German city Mainz. Certain historians contend that he was born in However; there is no certain evidence regarding his year of birth.
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    Was Johannes Gutenberg a 15th-century con man?

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    What are the negative effects of Gutenberg's printing press at the society that time? - Quora

    The first printing presses were invented around C. Eventually, the inventions made their way to Europe, where Johannes Gutenberg co-opted and developed the ancient model. He printed copies of the Bible, thereby cementing his place in history. Ultimately, the printing press shaped modern communication as we know it, catalyzing everything from infrastructure and technology to universities and symphonies, and shaping most of the factors that define our modern era. Before the advent of the Internet, before telephone wires and radio waves made it possible to instantly transmit information across the globe, before the days of newspapers and literature—and centuries before Johannes Gutenberg printed the first copies of the Bible—there was a Chinese peasant named Bi Sheng. Most of the details of his life have been lost over time, but at some point in the 11th century, Bi Sheng was the first to develop moveable type—an innovation that streamlined the printing process, launched the widespread publication and distribution of Buddhist and Taoist texts, and eventually enabled Gutenberg to create his famous Bibles.
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    Biography of Johannes Gutenberg, German Inventor of the Printing Press

    Johannes Gutenberg was a popular inventor of the printing press. His full name is Johannes Genfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg. He is one of the most influential personalities in history. The man became popular in Europe after inventing the new technology of mechanical movable-type printing presses. He is not only an inventor but also a German goldsmith and publisher.
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    Regarded as a milestone in modern human history, the printing press played a key role in the advancement of the Renaissance , the Protestant Reformation , and the Age of Enlightenment. Johannes Gutenberg was born between and in the German city of Mainz. An "official birthday" of June 24, , was chosen at the time of the th Anniversary Gutenberg Festival held in Mainz in , but the date is purely symbolic. Johannes was the second of three children of patrician merchant Friele Gensfleisch zur Laden and his second wife, Else Wyrich, the daughter of a shopkeeper, whose family had once been members of the German noble classes. According to some historians, Friele Gensfleisch was a member of the aristocracy and worked as a goldsmith for the bishop at Mainz in the Catholic ecclesiastical mint.
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